Welcome to LongTide Homes

LongTide is a designer and builder of quality, affordable homes in North Texas and Northwest Louisiana.

With investments in several communities in the low 100’s, LongTide is the builder of choice for families looking for a quality new home at an affordable price.

We approach everything at LongTide with the goal of saving you money.  Our cost-conscious mindset allows us to implement methods – both big and small – that add up to savings.  Many of our fixtures and appliances meet “Energy Star” certification.  We recognize that making energy efficient choices can save money for our valued customers on their energy bills. 

With LongTide Homes, you will not have to sacrifice style, features or comfort. This is our way of helping homeowners feel good about investing in their new home, with the confidence that all considerations have been made during the construction process.   Please check out all of our included amenities and features and compare to ANY other comparably priced home, by any other homebuilder.  

We have provided Homes for literally 1000’s of families over the years.  You can be next!